8 best tv series about women

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Is there such a thing as tv series for women? In general, I do not like ‘for women’ stuff, but I did not manage to brand this list differently. These are good tv series for women and about women that I watched recently and recommend.

Big Little Lies

Two seasons about women, relationships, the psychology of living together. The starring cast includes Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep who joined in Season 2.

It is based on the book by Liane Moriarty, an Australia writer, that has quite a short biography in Wikipedia. The story in the book unfolds in Sydney, which of course was moved to the US in the show.

I like everything about this tv series. I cannot put my eyes off the opening song and video even. The actresses are so natural, that you easily believe they are friends in life (and maybe they are?).

Reasons to watch: I was about to say in order to see that the rich also cry. But the movie attracted me by its imperfect beauty of people. However, in reality, it was filmed to spotlight home violence issues.

The Affair

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Long interesting experiment (five seasons). First, they caught my attention by depicting the same situations twice. First through the eyes of one character and then another. Literally, showing the events several times. The events are the same but perceptions, emotions and conversations are different. In the beginning, it felt exciting, then annoying. As if there is no reality at all and people see completely different things. Then even creators of the series forgot about their idea and continued to develop a story. The story went on and on and I could not keep the story in my head anymore. And I could not drop it either. These strange people became so familiar and close to me, so I really wanted to know how it will all end. Now I know.

Reasons to watch: no positive characters, no clarity. Only danger and tension. If you like such stuff, watch it.


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It is difficult to recommend this show. It is about rape. It can come across as boring and slow. And after watching it I read that it is based on the completely true story (so I do not expect the second season). And then you start to perceive everything differently and it feels like everyone should be watching this almost documentary story.

Reasons to watch: detective stories are always captivating and if it is a true detective story, it is even more like that. 


Блог Listen to your broccoli Сериал Дрянь

I would really be sorry if someone watches the first episode and does not continue. I have almost dropped it after the first episode because it felt too comic. It is easy to make the conclusion that it will be too superfluous. However, I continued and got caught in it because the actress is so engaging. She has this trick of all the time talking to the audience as if we are there in her reality. Also, it was eye-opening to see the British way of communicating (actually of not communicating). Very clumsy warmness. Relationship of two sisters.

Reasons to watch: Loneliness and relationships in the British style, British humor, very light and very tragic and a very special actress. I came to know that the show is based on the one actor theatre play. I would be happy to watch it one day. 

This is us

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The series is positioned a real life of an ordinary family which is not very ordinary. Full of not perfect people. It is filled with a lot of flashbacks. We follow a couple of parents that got a triplet and try to bring the up and survive the parenting journey.

Reasons to watch: see how family values look like without a smug.

Morning Show

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After Big Little Lies I would be eager to watch any tv series with Reese Witherspoon. This one is about a morning news show on tv. I do not even know how important is tv for people? Is it still important and influential? At least in this series, they do show it is important. Several years ago I watched Newsroom and I really liked it. Though I can imagine it is not for everyone. It is made of fast-talking and political philosophy. I expected something similar from the Morning Show, something critical and political, but it appeared to be more simple.

Reasons to watch: it is very trendy, and liked by many. 

The Crown

Блог Listen to your broccoli Сериал Корона


The number of movies and series about the British Royal family is endless. They will continue to film them and others will continue to watch it. However, the challenge is still there, how to make a movie about the Queen who is there and is going to watch the show about herself? The actors have a great resemblance to the prototypes. Well, she is watching it herself and I recommend you watch it.

Reasons to watch: watch it in order to feel happy that you are not a member of the royal family and you are not responsible for the nation, and that you have freedom. And also watch five scenes that will sparkle your interest. 

The Marvellous Mrs Maisel

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Amazing story about a female stand-up comedian. A story of a happy housewife who entered the career of professional comic, right into the completely male world in the fifties.

Reasons to watch: Everyone has its own reasons: dresses, interior designs, family drama, love story, but for me, it is all about public speaking and friendship of such different people (read here for more).

Have fun watching and share your recommendations! 


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