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Can you imagine this – sitting in front of the tv and watch a tv series about yourself? Looking at the actress playing you and think – do they really think I look like her? What about watching a moment in the episode where ‘you’ find a photo of another woman in your husbands stiff and knowing that half of the country is seeing this (and maybe even half of the world in the end)? And there is this one person in the world who is doing it – Elizabeth II, the queen, is watching a tv series about herself ‘The Crown’.

And I am also watching what an interesting life she had. Her father, the king, was one of the two brothers who was not supposed to be a king (there is another movie based on his story ‘King’s Speech’).  She, the queen, is one of the two sisters who did not want to be a center of attention and who got more attention and spotlight than any other person in the world.


Margeret, Elizabeth’s sister, as portrayed by Vanessa Kirby (taken from взято из

Most memorable scenes

This tv series has a lot of memorable moments, but we often remember not more prominent things but something that resonates with our own feelings and thoughts. My mind more than once came back to the following scenes:

  • When the father of Elizabeth dies and within one moment she becomes a queen and the next moment her sister has to make a curtsy in front of her, everyone is moving around like in a well-known dance of traditions and customs and she is watching them, lost, and thinking ‘How do they all know what to do?’ I recall myself in a similar situation when joining a new company or moving to a new country when I thought I am not up to the bar. But having the whole world watching you during these moments?


  • A scene when Elizabeth says ‘sorry’ to her husband for the fact that she became queen so quickly and abruptly. This will change their lives forever and their relationship will become a state matter. A whole bunch of advisors will be discussing and deciding what they should do, which events join and how to spend time together. I was thinking how difficult this must be – put your private life in a box, that is left after all ceremonial events, duties and social life. Even to have an argument in private you have to wait till the evening and maybe even longer.


  • A moment when the queen needs to have a  prick in her cheek so that she can still continue smiling after days of touring around different countries with an official visit. Her presence is so meaningful and important that even driving in a car and waving to people has an important meaning.


  • During the first season, she has to decide whether she should allow her sister to marry a divorced man whom she loves. The moment of informing Margaret, her sister is very prominent. What kind of job is it to have a duty to decide whom your sister should marry or not marry?


  • A scene when the queen chooses a dress for the day when she meets Jackie Kennedy. The queen has to sparkle and compete in elegance and beauty. The type and color of her dress are of state importance.

Scenes with children and especially Charles were mostly upsetting. I even remembered footage of a real queen coming back from some months of official visits. She is arriving by train and her mother and 4-year-old Charles are waiting to greet her. The two women greet each other, talk, kiss and Charles is somewhere down there waiting for his turn to finally get some minimal attention. It seems she learned to sacrifice a lot in order to portray a perfect queen. It becomes more clear why she could not understand other family members who were trying to make decisions based on feelings.

Watching experience

Сериал Корона

From  “thethrillist“: Claire Foy performing Elizabeth II and Jodi Balfour as Jackie Kennedy and then the real photo of the event. 

Apparently, this is the second most expensive Netflix series. Funny enough it was described as a series that consists of endless dialogues in overdecorated rooms. But I think money was spent wisely:)

Сериал Корона

Looking at some example photos of how it was and how it was filmed the creators did invest in the credibility of the movie. They did a good job of finding a balance in ‘this is a movie about the queen’ and ‘people should not be bored with glamour story’.

Someone might consider the tv series too calm, and it is so, it is very British. A raised brow depending on the curve of it at that moment can mean a lot of different things – anger, astonishment, contempt. And yes, in any critical situation they do drink tea.


  1. 07.03.2019 / 12:47

    I didn’t hear about this tv series. Thank you for this post. I think such a different time we live. The same Queen could allow her grandson to marry the divorced ex-actress from USA, another race and who is older him. And It is absolutely Ok for almost everyone in the World. We all have more freedom. Even the Queen.

    • Hanna Mironchyk
      08.03.2019 / 21:51

      That’s was exactly what I thought! It was such a drama with her sister (and then son). And now? Indeed, even the queen.

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