Minsk. What to see

what to see in minsk listen to your broccoli

…if you are interested in history and not interested in ballet. I was asked once for advice on what to see in five days in Minsk – first I got scared (Why Minsk??) and then I made a list:

Minsk 101

Whatever you do in Minsk you will probably pass Praspiekt Niezaliežnasci (Independence Avenue), so why not to get familiar with it during the first day:

  • Praspiekt Niezaliežnasci with Central Post Office, Lenin and Universities, Red Church (of Saints Simon and Helena) which was saved by cinema
  • KGB building is further on the avenue. In Vilnius, they have KGB museum and in Belarus, there is a functioning one
  • GUM (State Department Store) and Centralny cafe with only standing places (once I posted something on facebook about that place) is inconspicuous, but a special place
  • Strana Mini, miniature Belarus, a nice and good place to see what else is there in Belarus to visit
  • Victory Square (and Gorky Park, observation wheel, and weather and mood permits and if you are not afraid of crowds of children)
  • Komarovka market is situated one metro stop from Victory Square. You can use the metro in order to see probably the most pretty metro station in Minsk. You can also use the tram to go somewhere.


  • Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum (no English version)
  • Minsk Arena, in order to see the most important national sport of Belarus – hockey:)
  • National Theatre of Opera and Ballet (or just pass by if you do not like theatre and you love architecture)
  • National Library in order to get to the viewing deck. They say it is better to go there in the evening (apparently they are open till 23:00).

Walk and enjoy

  • Ratusha and Upper City: open-air concerts often during weekends (in summer) and other open-air events  
  • Zybitskaya street and vulica Revaliucyjnaja: bars and entertainments
  • Kastryčnickaja street: also bars, but different style, Minsk hipster people

Just walk by

  • Central Railway station and ‘the entrance’ (two similar buildings in front of the station)
  • Pishchalauski Castle, prison, the only place in Europe were capital sentence is executed
  • Island of tears, a memorial dedicated to soldiers who died in Afghanistan in war
  • vulica Kamunistyčnaja, 4 is a place where Li Harvey Oswald (killer of John Kennedy) lived when he was in Minsk

Next level of knowing the city

  • Osmolovka
  • Cultural Centre Horizont Factory
  • Kamsamoĺskaje lake
  • All Saints Church
  • Tractor factory
  • War cemetery
  • Museum of boulders (open air, but no Stonehedge:)

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