Listen to your broccoli. How to make 5 mistakes when choosing a name for a blog?

Как выбрать название для блога | Блог Listen to your broccoli


Suffering from not knowing how to name your blog or coming up with a blog name within seconds and registering it within next seconds and after that never posting anything there – these are probably two most popular scenarios and I experienced both of them.

How to come up with a blog name – first attempt

Please look at that – Blog WithoutABlog. This is a blog created on wordpress that I created very quickly but never wrote anything there. I thought how funny it will be to use the name of the blog in the blog posts’ phrases. For example: “I don’t where I would write all of this, if I would be without a blog’. But this blog name was prophetic, I was still without a blog.

Next time I spend more time thinking about the title. It was absolutely unclear how to come up with a name, but it was absolutely clear that it should not contain any pretty word.

How to choose a name for a blog, when it is nothing to chose from

I was reading up all types of advice on how to avoid mistakes in naming my blog, I was going through different words that were coming to my head and the same time realising that spending time on making up a name is that most useless thing that means just avoiding working on the content. I ended up with couple of options:

  • Glass and Wood
  • Tea with nothing 
  • Solo with everyone 
  • Anna is writing

All of them were okay, but none of them had a story behind.

How to find a name for a blog when it is right in front of you

And I find myself writing the following words while discussing the book of Anne Lamott ‘Bird by Bird’: “and this is such a nice option to name a blog for somebody’. And only a week after that I thought – why I am not naming it like that???

This is a printscreen of the discussion where I am writing about my impression on the book: there is a funny moment in the book, where the author refers to a situation where a psychiatrist advises to his patient – listen to the broccoli, it will tell you what to do with it (how to cook it). His idea is that in any difficult situation, when you do not know what to do, what to write, you still have this quiet voice inside yourself, you have just to hear it. Sounds strange, but funny. 

This title (Listen to your broccoli) has several disadvantages:

  • this is a name in English for a blog in Russian (yes, originally I did not plan to create a English version)
  • while spelling it it is very easy to make several mistakes (I am still misspelling the word ‘broccoli’ myself)
  • the name does not fit on smartphone screen
  • it creates associations with topics which has nothing to do with the blog (bio food, healthy lifestyle, cooking)
  • I have to explain it (always!)

However that last one might be an advantage! Who knows:)

Название блога | Блог Listen to your broccoli
Название блога | Блог Listen to your broccoli


    • Hanna Mironchyk
      23.01.2019 / 13:27

      Wow! Very interesting! It’s cool to see that the quote is very inspiring!

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